Friday, March 6, 2009



That is all.

Small update.

I have arrived in California. And, I noticed that I have 17 followers now! As the gamer population might say, "w00t".... or perhaps even "pwn". Sweet. I keep pushing the "enter" key to start a new paragraph, but my cursor somehow gets lost on the way down. So, you get a post in one giant paragraph for you to try and keep your place reading in. I bet you're excited. I had my first cravings this week for this pregnancy: blueberry bagels slathered in butter and grape jelly, and ice cream. Not together, but those are the two foods I wanted so badly that my dad offered to drive me to the store at like 8pm to get it. In exchange for me picking up a Hershey bar for him. Negotiation and bribery is great :) I looooooove my bagels... I nearly died when I finally got to eat one. OH, and as I was unpacking my suitcase from Alaska, I discovered a ladle. I'm not sure why I had a ladle in my suitcase, but it's staying there until I get to NY. And then I can use my Travelin' Spoon. The big news of the hour is that K finally started walking! Took long enough. She has been a little bit slow developmentally (just in gross motor skills- her fine motor skills, speech, hearing, etc is all perfect) so I was ecstatic when she finally got the courage to walk across the living room. She didn't start crawling until 10 months, and at her 12-month doctor appointment, her pediatrician said to start worrying if she doesn't start walking by 16 months.... she just barely made it. She was 6 days away from being 16 months old. When we get to NY, I'm going to have her seen by her new doctor just to make sure that she's still developmentally on track. It's kind of nerve-wracking to sit in the doctor's office with a room full of 12 month olds who are walking and yours is the only one who doesn't. Okay! Off to sleep. Maybe my cursor will be able to figure out how to go down a line or two tomorrow.


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