Saturday, January 31, 2009

T-minus 29 days!

Still waiting for Mount Redoubt to explode. JJ from the radio station 94.7 The End here in Alaska called Redoubt "God's Indigestion". I think that is a fair comparison.

I hate the waiting game. With Hurricane Rita & Katrina in 2005, we knew that they were coming, and we could see on a day to day basis how close they were. We knew the exact date of when they were going to make landfall and come over us. With the volcano, there is no telling. You get an hour or two notice, when the volcano produces tremors like a jackhammer and steam starts spouting from the top. I know that it's coming.... I just want to know WHEN it's coming... so I can relax until then :) J thought I was silly to buy dust masks today. I don't care though! If it does erupt soon, and God forbid there is an emergency and I have to go outside, Kaitlyn and I WILL be wearing masks so we don't inhale all of the fine ash and ruin our lungs. Josh can wear one if he wants. I don't feel silly that I bought them- they weren't that expensive ($14 for 3 of them) and if we never use them- so what? At least we had them just in case.

We are calling the baby "Peanut" until we find out the gender (probably around 20 weeks). When I was pregnant with Kaitlyn, I was fairly sure I was having a girl before the ultrasound. This time around, I think I'm having a boy. I don't know why, but I do :)

The official countdown is 29 DAYS until we leave Alaska! It's so close. J finally got his paper orders for New York, so Liz owes me $20. Don't deny it. You know that you do! (But you won't if we end up in Louisiana.... because then yes we were stationed in Ft Drum, but then transferred over... so we were both right!)

It snowed quite a bit today- probably 6 inches or so. You can't even tell that I shoveled the walkway before I unloaded groceries so I wouldn't slip and break something (including Peanut!!)

I realized last night that in a few months, we will be a family of four. Isn't that crazy? I'll just have turned 24 when Peanut is born. 24 and a family of 4!

Can I be sappy for a minute? I adore my husband. He came home this afternoon and I was so excited to see him :) We played Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (the board game) and it was hilarious... and apparently no, I'm not smarter than a freaking 10 year old. OH WELL!!

I'm not sure what we're going to do tomorrow? Probably lounge around and catch up on TV (lol) since Josh worked practically 24 hours a day from Tuesday until this afternoon. Sunday is the Super Bowl, and J really wants the Cardinals to win since they have never even BEEN to the Super Bowl. I think they need to win, too... but we'll see how they play.

Okay, I think I'm done rambling about the thoughts that are running through my head.


  1. Trista said...
    You're definitely not silly for buying dust masks. YOu have to play it safe. my philosophy is to be safe than sorry. Rub peanut for me!
    Sandy said...
    Good luck with the volcano, the move and the birth. Like you, I was pretty sure of the sex of the baby when I was pregnant; though that was way back in the dark ages, when they really didn't know and rarely told anyone.

    I would buy the mask in a heart bit, smart move.

    Good luck
    Liz! said...
    Omg I'm not paying you until I'm positive you're in NY to stay.

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