Thursday, January 29, 2009

Volcanic Eruption

So Mt. Redoubt (isn't that a stupid name for a volcano??) is supposed to be erupting within the next few days. This giant volcano is 100 miles from here, and EXPLODES when it erupts... I'm talking ash, rock, and glass spewing up to 10 miles into the air. The last time it erupted was almost 20 years ago, and they're expecting this eruption to be about the same in size. Which means that our news stations have everyone up in arms and freaking out about the Apocalypse. It IS kind of daunting to think about- I mean I have never personally had the chance to be near a volcanic eruption. And not a whole lot of people have. So I'm kind of anxious just to see what will happen.

Link to Alaska Volcano Observatory

Link to Los Angeles Times news article

Link to Anchorage Daily News


  1. Wendy said...
    Boy, that puts our ice storm into perspective! Be sure to post updates!!
    Liz said...
    Please avoid dying. kthx.
    Heather said...
    LMAO I'm not going to die! Just maybe without electricity for a while. Our water should be good, unless the whole supply is contaminated, which would be okay because I have lots of bottled water. I'M READY FOR YOU, VOLCANO.... DO YOUR WORST!!!!
    Stina said...
    yeah that's good...taunt the volcano...
    Emmie said...
    woah scary stuff o.O

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