Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I cannot believe that I woke up this morning with pink eye! Gaaaaah! I TOLD J not to fart on my pillow! LOL.... I'm so mad though... I look like I've been smoking a doobie, my eyes are BRIGHT red. I look rabid. Grrr.... I REALLY hope that Kait doesn't get it!

I downloaded a Super Mario theme for Firefox, and it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. All of the icons are Mario characters, and the "x" to close a window is a bomb! It's hilarious. A little geeky, but awesome nonetheless.

ETA: OOPS! I forgot to add the link to the Mario theme. You can find it here.

Didn't do a whole heck of a lot today. Did food shopping, took a nap while Kait did the same, started the dishwasher. My life is exciting.

I realized today that my mom will be here in less than a month to help us pack and move!! Which consequently made me realize that I have a TON of stuff to sort through. I have to decide what the movers are shipping, what I'm taking to California for me and Kait, what J is taking in the car (he's driving while we are all flying), what we will donate to the Salvation Army, and what can't be moved (liquids, perishables, etc). We leave on February 28th, so exactly one month from tomorrow. I have so much more to do... I have to get Dotty vaccinated, get her a health certificate to fly, make sure all of our utility bills are paid and are set up to be shutoff when we leave, schedule my flight, do the final walkthrough for the house, rent a carpet shampooer, make sure Kait and I are clear to move to our next duty station, get both of our medical records, get Dotty's vet records, etc. Yikes...

J is gone, Kait is asleep, and I'm lonely. Every little noise outside is creeping me out! I HATE it when he's gone.


  1. Emmie said...
    oooh super mario firefox theme thats so cool!

    Hope your pink eye is gone now :( xx
    Crystal said...
    You know, you have to share where you got the super mario theme for firefox right? :)
    PuNiao said...
    Heheh, I got the Foxkeh version. Whenever a page is loading, the fox will keep running until the page is fully loaded.
    Liz....? said...
    Aww Josh will be home soon =)

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