Thursday, January 22, 2009

My get-rich-quick scheme!

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Yesterday on Maury (yes... I was watching Maury... don't judge!) they had some guys come on there that had created a "baby daddy" pregnancy test. You took the test and the result came from a speaker that said in Maury's voice "You ARE the father!" or "You are NOT the father!".... it was hilarious. And then I started thinking about how well those would sell. I mean is there an actual way to make a double-sided swab for collecting a DNA sample from a kid and a dad, then waiting a few minutes and reading a result like an hCG pregnancy test? I have seen in the stores those DNA tests where you can buy the swab kit for like $20, then mail in the samples with another like $100 and get the results by e-mail or phone. But an instant DNA test... how profitable would that be? Especially if they were cheap enough to mass produce and cheap enough for consumers to buy. I think I'm onto something here.... Anyone want to fund my Find Your Baby Daddy Instant DNA Test?

So American Idol Season 8 is on. Is it sad that I really look forward to the auditions and then lose interest in the actual competition later? Some of those people are horrible. I don't feel bad for the people that go in there with the intent of making jackasses of themselves in order to get on TV. However, I feel SO bad for the people who really do think they can sing. You know that some of their supportive family members and friends LIED to that person and told him/her that they could actually sing... OR even told them that they had a shot at getting into the competition. How sad for those people.... they go to the auditions thinking that they could DO this, and they get ripped apart by the judges!

I really like the new judge, Kara Dioguardi. I think she is BEAUTIFUL and has an awesome voice. She's already causing some drama though so... I don't know how much I will watch.

There was a guy that auditioned back last week who was almost completely blind. They did a little blurb on him and showed him at home on the piano- that guy is TALENTED! And has a great voice to match! I was amazed. I really hope he gets far.

OH! And ultimate "DUH" moment- Ryan Seacrest tried to give the blind guy a hi-5. Yeah it didn't work too well. Not quite sure what he was thinking. It was like he was a Big Brother trying to give a mentally handicapped kid a hi-5 for doing a good job....


  1. Stina said...
    I like the 'baby daddy' label. Classy.
    Those paternity test shows are freaking hilarious! I feel like I'm wacthing a trainwreck-I don't want to watch it but I can't pull my eyes away from it! Same with AI...the only time I watch it is during the bad auditions!
    Liz-zay! said...
    Did you watch the auditions with the lame bikini girl in Phoenix? I was so angry that Randy and Simon actually let her on. Pigs!

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