Friday, January 23, 2009

G-Rated Bald Kitty

So I shaved my cat today. Literally. I'm not being dirty (get your mind out of the gutter!!)... the poor thing is getting so old (over 12!) that she has a hard time grooming herself. She was starting to get mats, so I decided to help her and cut them out (sometimes you can get away with just doing that)... but I couldn't. I had to shave her. I don't have any before pictures, but here is the after:


She wasn't mad at me though! Proof:


She was in a good enough mood to stick her tongue out for the picture! I felt so bad, but I had to do it... otherwise it would have just gotten worse. Poor thing has the worst haircut on Earth. And I forgot that she has to fly down to California looking like this... she is going to be so embarrassed! Oh well!

Just because I'm in a picture-posting mood...


K's new trick. She thinks it's hilarious to see everything upside down! She will literally stay like that for minutes at a time, just giggling at herself. Silly girl.

I'll probably post again later. I'm not tired.


  1. Priya said...
    Nice pictures!

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    Craw said...
    Hahaha! Cute little kid. I can just imagine as I have 3 boys of my own :)
    Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said...
    Cutest picture ever of Kait :D

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