Friday, January 23, 2009

Stem Cell Research

THANK GOOODNESS. The US is finally starting to allow stem cell research! It has taken long enough. So much good can some from doing these kinds of tests! There are other ways to obtain stem cells- through the umbilical cord blood, for example. And, I believe, from the placenta... though I could be wrong on that one. I'm so glad that this is starting up in the US! Maybe they will be able to start helping people with MS. I read somewhere that a leukemia drug can help halt the deterioration of an MS sufferer's nervous system, but I think that stem cells could do the same or even reverse damage. No more covert operations to Mexico or Europe in order to get some treatment that has been shown to work! I'm ecstatic about this. Maybe there is hope that my Grandma will be able to walk normally again.

Onto another topic, I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Josh will be home all weekend and maybe we can actually go for a small hike. There is only like an inch of snow on the ground right now (since everything melted a week ago), so it would be nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Just in case anyone was wondering, never open a sun roof on a car when there is snow on the top of it. It sucks.

I suppose I should head off to bed- it is almost 1am and K will be getting up around 8.


  1. Emmie said...
    I dont knwo too much about stem cell stuff but im sure we have been doing it here in the UK for quite a while now :)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend :) x
    Penelope said...
    Hooray for stem cell research!

    Hehe, and your sun roof comment had me LOL!

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