Monday, January 19, 2009

Warming up?

Had a good day! It has been moderately warm for a few days now (mid to high 30's.... it even got to 43!) and it has been wonderful. We went to the mall and shopped, then came home. K was awesome (as usual!) and took a great nap. Then we went out to dinner with our friends... it was really nice to get out and socialize with people!

K is a teething machine... she has 3 molars coming through! Poor baby. She can point out her nose, eyes, and hair if we ask her! And she knows "up" and "down" now. We put her tennis shoes on her and she actually stood up by herself for about 10 seconds, then sat herself down! Once she gains confidence in herself she'll be good to go.

Not much else to update- still going on as usual. Gotta get out of this funk!


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