Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little bit of everything

J left this morning for training, and they decided to come back on Thursday night rather than Wednesday night. Oh well! I'll catch up on playing on the Wii... heehee!

K took a huge fatty nap today. I laid her down at 2, she played in her crib until 3:30 and slept until 6! I ended up taking a nap too, and when she woke me up at 6, I couldn't tell if it was 6am or 6pm. I hate waking up confused like that! She is learning how to feed herself with a spoon/fork, and while it is awesome, it is so darn frustrating! She won't let me feed her... I can't even HELP her. She has to do it on her own. Or else she just plays with the food, flinging it everywhere and smooshing it in her hair and seat. She wore 3 different outfits today, lol! She'll get the hang of it, but until then, mealtime is killing me! She did drink out of an actual cup today though, and while she did pour most of it down the front of her shirt, she did get a couple good sips in there.

Stupid me, I forgot to plug in my car and start it up while it was so cold here (It got down to -30 one morning!) and now it won't start. I plugged it in and hopefully the battery is only dead from the cold... so if I can get a jump, I'm really hoping that it will work fine enough for me to take it to the autoparts place so I can replace the battery. I'm REALLY hoping that the fuel lines didn't freeze and broke because I tried to start it :( I've heard of that happening. I'm pretty sure that's not the case here though. We'll see! Payday is either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'm not too concerned about fixing it.

I love payday :) I'm really excited about our financial situation- J gets paid so little in the Army but we are doing well. We had a couple of tricky months because of unexpected bills/ necessities but we got through it! I'm not the best at keeping track of our money (yeah, this is coming from the accounting student..........) and J is simply hopeless at it (LOL) but I'm getting better and more careful. We don't have a lot of extras or luxuries, but we are making it and that's all that counts :)


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